About Hellodesk

Hellodesk is all about people, community and workplace fun. Our members join us to work alongside with like-minded, awesome people who like to make a difference each day. It's a place where people do things that make a difference.

Community First

Everything at hellodesk starts with saying hello to the community! This means that monthly memberships (Engage & Create) come with an all-inclusive community component (#HDCommunityBenefits) that provides our members with a way to connect with other community members online and offline. You also have an option to buy one or more day pass(es) and try working with us before committing to a monthly membership.

  • Online access to Hellodesk members listing.
  • Instant messaging access to community members (those opted in)
  • Free/Discounted access to Hellodesk Monterey events
  • Discounted access to reservable conference room(s) and temp office
  • Free limited access to community conference room when coworking on any membership plan or day pass.
  • Discounted additional drop-in days (if applicable)
  • Skill-share or task-swap community channel access
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